Insect is a journey of erotic imagination with out the intervention of words creating a space between dream and reality.

Using indextical elements ( fragments of reality ) to compose a wondrous vision by collecting unique bits and pieces of the real to rearrange and reconstruct reality.
It is painting with pixels with the suspension of reality to a narrative in Insect.

A world where desire is fluid and not contained by the usual conventions or restrictions
found in society
This is a world where all things become possible.

Here a beautiful woman grows wings and slowly turns into an insect , but not before having sexual encounters with plants and a very amorous dragon fly .
This metamorphosis is a devise in dealing with the images of desire unbounded by unconventional form and stories and reminds us of how the concept of the erotic is often bounded by practical , social regulation , taboos etc .

Art gives one a sense of possibilities , liberation . a deeper impulse and sense of freedom

Metamorphosis is age old, it appears in the mythology of all cultures for eg. the Aboriginal Dream Time Stories, where traditionally there is no gap between the real and the fantastic.
In mythology there is no clear separation between the vegetive , the animal (insect)or the human.

What is the value ? what does it imply ? We are dealing with something which is fundamental to the nature of everything .A deep sense we are all related to the boundlessness of nature . Nature is endlessly various and fecund (fruitful)

Nature is continually reinventing through mutilation , growth change and also human intervention , technology both good and bad.

The notion of delirium from a hybrid world into a continued state of mutation.